The Midwest Shooting School

featuring Shotgunning Instruction by Patrick LaBoone

The Method

“People often ask what method I teach... I don’t like to categorize it as any of the typically talked about methods: instinctive, swing-through, pull-away, or sustained lead. It has elements in common with each, or rather, they each have things in common with it!

This method is based on the belief that your hands, body, and eyes should be moved as simply and as naturally as possible... as if there was no gun involved.

I think this method and the principles behind it are older than, and provide the natural foundation for, each of the other methods. The problem is, when a shooter has difficulties, too much of what is often taught with the different methods compromises those principles rather than relies on them. The method names themselves are almost meaningless... Many people of varying abilities have claimed to be teaching this method and/or that method, and shooters form judgments about the methods when often they should be analyzing the delivery of the instructors!

It needs a name, but for some years now, my shooters have taken to calling what I teach, somewhat irreverently, The Method. It is elegantly simple, and incredibly effective. Quickly learned, it works well for the vast majority of people, and it is infectious...

After all, it is the way you were born to shoot!

Disciplines taught...

The principles behind this approach to shooting are profoundly powerful. Wingshooting and competitive clients have been successful with this method in virtually all possible situations... upland hunting, waterfowl, sporting clays, flyers, and American and International versions of trap and skeet.

First we’ll build a foundation -- an understanding of how your body, hands, and eyes work together as related to shotgunning--then I’ll show you how to apply those truths to your chosen sports. Depending on the game, there are times I may need to come to you, to train on your own particular venue....

There are common threads woven through the fabrics of these different sports... recognizing them, and respecting their importance, will allow you to be competent fairly quickly in any or all of these disciplines. Excelling in any one of these competitive sports requires more than talent and understanding... it requires dedicated preparation for the challenges that are particular to that sport... we offer specialized training plan development for those serious about getting the most out of their personal performance.