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Improve your shotgunning

 with our award-winning instructional video, 

A Shotgunning Philosophy, Volume 1!

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You can watch a few minutes of excerpts from the video...

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What you’ll learn from this DVD...

You’ll be introduced to a very specific method for shooting a shotgun.

This method is based on the belief that your hands, body, and eyes should be moved as simply and as naturally as possible... as if there was no gun involved. This allows you to quickly build your technique on your natural ability, and the skills that you take for granted in your everyday life.

While this video was created for sporting clays and wing shooters, the fundamentals it will teach you about how our hands and eyes work together can improve your trap and skeet shooting as well.

You’ll learn how to approach a wide variety of shots on a sporting course. You’ll see demonstrations of both near-perfect and flawed movements, so that you can recognize them in yourself. You’ll learn why to approach shooting a shotgun a certain way...

You’ll enjoy the game more... After all, it is the way you were born to shoot!

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Volume 1 -- A Shotgunning Philosophy

A Shotgunning Philosophy is our award-winning instructional shotgunning video that was originally released in 2001, in the VHS format. It was remastered and released in a DVD version in late 2006. Because of the chapter cues and other features inherent to the DVD format, this new version is even better than the original!

The original was years in the making. It took me five years to complete, and it has been highly praised by communications professionals, shotgunning pros, and other shotgunners just like you! For the full story about the video, click here. Otherwise, read on:

It got a great review from Wingshooting Editor Randy Lawrence, in Sporting Clays magazine:

“LaBoone’s A Shotgunning Philosophy provides a terrific model for wingshooting coaches, offers fresh insight toward a shooter’s self-diagnosis, and can go a long way toward teaching a sound, accessible wingshooting catechism...”

The VHS version won an award in an international contest for the communications industry:

“The instructional shotgunning video, “A Shotgunning Philosophy”, produced by Patrick LaBoone of The Midwest Shooting School, has recently been selected from among 3400 entries to receive a 2001 Award of Distinction from The Communicator Awards. The Communicator Awards Video Competition, judged by industry professionals, is an international awards program that recognizes outstanding work

 in the communications field.”

To order it in the DVD format ($74.95 + $10 shipping & handling),

just click here

and follow the simple directions to order through our Clear Creek Outdoors’ PayPal site. It typically ships in 24 hours or less!

Famous wingshooting coach, Jack Mitchell of Cornwall, England -- the man who started me down the path as a shotgunning instructor, had strong praise for the original version:

“I am very much impressed with the video! ...for my money, yours is the best instructional video there is on the market. Most of the others are by known shooters who have their own methods & techniques, and for the most part illustrates their egos, but you have kept to the basics and the more valuable because of it!”

Most important of all, the video has helped a lot of shotgunners like you improve their games:

“Frankly, I had decided that having attended your school twice and because I am now shooting very well and more often, too, I wouldn’t learn much from the video. I have looked at the entire program and am now going to go back through it in depth chapter by chapter. I will learn a lot...”

 Bill Baker Saratoga, WY

“Take all of the videos on shotgunning you have ever purchased, ESPECIALLY those produced by the top sporting clays shooters, and throw them away. These guys may be great shots, but they are not teachers. Pat LaBoone is a great teacher, who uses a philosophy, reason, and patience to impart a learnable shooting method that makes eminent sense. ...this video serves me as a reminder to return to the basics of his teaching during those inevitable periods -- or those times I encounter unfamiliar or difficult targets -- when my shooting falls off. But I also purchased copies of this video for my clays league teammates who have not had the benefit of Pat’s instruction. I know it will help them improve their scores.” 

 Sam McQuade, Bismarck, ND former ND State Sporting Clays Champion

The format and script of the original VHS version was laid out in chapters, like a book, with time code cues on the video jacket to aid in finding the beginning of each chapter.... Each chapter covered a different topic, or a different type of shot -- crossers, outgoers, incomers, and more... this was a very useful design, but it required going to the VCR to watch the timecode, so that it could be stopped and started at the desired points.

The DVD gives you the ability to instantly move from chapter to chapter, replay key segments, and use slow motion to really look at how specific shots are made.

So you see, today’s DVD is even better than the original, award-winning VHS version!

Absorb the information it will give’ll simplify your approach to shotgunning, put your shot dead-on more birds than ever, and connect with some of those birds that have been eluding you forever!

At $74.95, it costs a good bit less than the price of an hour’s instruction with me, and it is yours to keep and refer back to for years to come....

This is an investment,

but you don’t really have to risk a penny...

If at any time you are not satisfied with the DVD, for any reason, return it to me for a full refund!

I want you to enjoy the video, and benefit from what it has given you, every time you have a shotgun in your hands...

To order it in the new DVD format, just click here, and follow the 

simple directions to order through our Clear Creek Outdoors’ PayPal site.

To order it in the VHS version, click here to purchase through our Clear Creek Outdoors’ PayPal site.

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Additional videos are in production...

The first video only took five years... concepts for the next videos were developed years ago, scripts have been written, some filming has been done, with more to go. Watch here for more information about A Shotgunning Philosophy, Volume 2: Trap & Skeet Field Practice for Wingshooting & Sporting Clays, and ASP Volume 3: Advanced Sporting Clays.